Monday, 17 June 2013

May Glossybox....

So this month I had a problem with a missing product so my review is very late! Finally though I have all my products and I can now review what I got.

This month the theme was the Glossy box's second birthday so the tissue paper inside was decorated with birthday themed things and the ribbon was a lovely bright pink.
There are quite a few full size products which is good to see :) although I can already see a small plastic pot which I hate getting almost as much as perfumes.

First up is the La Roche-Posay dry touch gel cream. This is a moisturising cream with an spf of 50 which is great to put on if your going to be out in the sunshine. This is a full size and is worth £16.50.

Next up is the Beautiful Movements Cosmetics primer. Im so fed up of all these small sized samples I wont use the product because of the way it is presented which is a shame because I like primers.

The sample is a 2.5g which is tiny. The full size is £20 for 2og so my sample is worth £2.50.

After this is the best product in the box in my opinion, a Headline Colours Nail Varnish in the a lovely gold shade, I really like the colour the only problem is that I feel gold is a autumn/winter colour rather than summer so I'll hold of wearing it till then.
This is a full size however which is really good :)

The polish is worth £9.

The next product is the Jelly Pong Pong Fairy Lash Mascara. I have heard lots of bad things about this brand they apparently use lots of bad chemicals in their products. Even though I had heard this I decided to give it a go and I actually really liked the effect on my lashes especially on the bottom lashes. This is a full size product and is worth £15. I don't think the product is worth that price so would not repurchase.

The last product is the box is the product that was missing when my box arrived and if I'm honest it wasn't worth the hassle. Its by the brand Stone Beauty which I have never heard of and it is in the scent coconut-vanilla. It is a body lotion but I think it is too runny to be a lotion it was kind of more like and oil.

This is a sample size and is worth £1.50 for 30ml

Finally glossybox sent some nail files as a small birthday gift as it was their birthday box.

So this months box was a little disappointing but there were a couple of good products :)

The total worth of my box this month is £44.50 wow this is the most one of my glossy boxes has ever been worth even though I don't like  clot of the products I cant complain on value for money. 

                          Tarra x