Sunday, 18 August 2013

Graduation and Corfu...

I am sorry I have been pretty M.I.A recently I have been dead busy. I have now finished University and have moved back to my home town where I have just started my new job working in a 700 year old converted water mill :)
My graduation was awesome I really enjoyed it, although it was sad to think its the last time I will see some people :/ I thought I would share some of the pictures from graduation.


Just before graduation we had a Degree show of all out final major projects, it was really good to see everyones work on my course as well as other design students :)
After Graduation my dad treated me and my brother to a weeks holiday in Corfu, it was so nice to get away and chill in the pool and the sun. Me and my brother gone along on the most part...

...This is my brother trying to put me into the pool!

Cheeky Monkey!!

Below are some more pics from the holiday :)

So that is is my past few weeks I am getting back to normal now and in a routine so I will be starting to post more regularly again :)

Hope your all having a great summer!

Tarra x