Sunday, 22 September 2013

September Glossybox....

I missed out on the august Glossybox as I hadn't changed the delivery address to my house in my hometown, but now it's sorted and I have just received my September Glossybox. The box this month is very patriotic supporting a beautiful Union Jack. I will be giving the box to my little brother to store things in as his room is red,white and blue.

The tissue this month is bright red with mini cabs and phone boxes and other british things.There is also a navy ribbon this month.
The theme this month is LONDON! Hopefully there are going to be some great british brands in this box.
So above you can see all the products I received this mont. Lets take a closer look at them.

Firstly we have a new blusher from Rimmel it is in the colour Pop of Pink. This is Rimmel's first liquid cheek colour that claims to stay on all day. The colour of the blush is a very dusky pink, which I think is nice going into autumn.

I like the fact it is a full size product as it means I will be able to really try it out and find the best way to apply.

This product is worth £4.49.

Next up is a TONI & GUY product called Classic Shine & Gloss Serum.

I dont really use serums but after using this one I think I will start as it left my hair frizz free with a healthy shine. 

I only needed a very small amount for all my hair.

 The packaging is limited edition by Lulu Kennedy, she has kept it really classic monochrome.

This again is a full size product and is worth £7.19 for 30ml.

The product which I see next is a set of Pre -Glued lashes by Eylure.

I havn't used any lashes from this brand before. I found applying them rather tricky as the pre-glued part of the lash wasn't very sticky. 
As soon as I got the lash in place another part unstuck.
 With that said they are a nice shape and created volume.

Glossybox are on a roll this month as this is the 3rd full size product at £5.06 per set.

The second to last product is a perfume sample called Untold by Elizabeth Arden.
Normally with perfume samples you get a tiny vile which gets lost in you bag or room. It was a pleasant surprise to see a decent sized sample.

I have smelt Elizabeth Arden perfumes before and found them rather mature for me but this one is light and floral which I like.

The full size of this perfume is £48 for 50ml I have a 5ml sample worth £4.80.

The final product in the box this month is by the brand Be a Bombshell Cosmetics. It is a liquid eyeliner in the colour Onyx. I am slightly confused by this one as I thought the box was supposed to be british products well this brand is definitely not british.

The actual liner however is extremely good you can get a range of thicknesses from the pen like nib. But the best part is it dries in seconds!!

Although I am miffed that this isn't a british brand it is the full size so for me its still worth my money. This product is $14 which exchanges to £8.75.

So thats it for this month I really like some of the products even if they don't follow the theme :)
The total worth of my box this month is £30.29 which is awesome to say I paid 10!

What do you think of this months box?

Tarra x

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Mascara review!! Part 1

I have decided to do a review on a few of my mascaras comparing them and testing their claims out. There are so many different mascaras that is it hard to decided which ones are good and which one are less so.  For each mascara I have looked at their claims and the way they work as well as the brush (this is a very important part ). 
So lets begin first up is Rimmel's Volume lash Scandaleyes mascara in Black:
This mascara claims to give super volume whilst leaving no lash uncovered .
I agree that this mascara does cover all the lashes but ends up leaving lashes clumpy. The brush is also pretty big making it hard to manipulate to inner lashes.
I give this mascara 6/10.

Next up is Benefit They're Real mascara in Black: 
This mascara claims to make your lashes look as good as false ones and up to 3x longer than other mascaras. 
This mascara dosn't leave my lashes looking as good as if I was wearing falsies but it does increase the length which helps to open up my eyes. I really like the brush on this mascara especially the end as it is great at getting right into the corner of my eye. 
I give this mascara 7/10.

I now have 3 Maybelline mascaras the first being Rocket Volum' in Black: 
This mascara claims to create massive volume and ,because of the easy glide brush, a clump free look.
This mascara does create some volume but it's quite intermittent I think to get a really full lash look it would need 3-4 coats. The brush is lovely, it can get really close to the root of the lash helping to lift up the lashes. 
I give this mascara 7/10.

The second Maybelline mascara is The Falsies is Black Drama:

The claims for this mascara are similar to the Benefit one with the addition of creating a dramatic look. 
I like how the mascara creates a wider base to my lashes which gives a dramatic look. Because of the extra fibres in the formula it has left the length of my lashes a bit uneven. The brush is quite good as it fits to my eye shape but I feel it could have had a few more bristles. 
I give this mascara 8/10.

Finally is Maybelline mega plush volum' mascara:
The claims for this mascara are a soft, smooth application and, because of the flexor brush, no lashes uncovered. 
Application was smooth and the brush did help get to inner lashes which is great :) The way the brush is on this mascara has helped to separate my lashes too meaning more lashes are covered. It leaves my lashes looking natural but could be build-able with more coats. 
I give this mascara 9/10.

So I'm still on the hunt for a mascara that is 10/10 maybe I should try a higher end brand to see if that could help with results. 

  What is your favourite mascara?

Tarra x