Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Whimsical Flamingo Co sticker set....

This weeks spread has been created using a set by whimsical flamingo co. As it is Valentine's Day this week I wanted to find some stickers that were cute but not over the top lovey dovey. These ones were perfect! Shipping was quick and easy and my stickers arrived safe and sound.
First of all I needed to lay down my backing paper and Washi. 

I ended choosing this peachy coral colour and a cute red Washi with tiny white hearts along it. I really like how it has turned out. Now onto planning the week and decorating.

Look how bloody cute it is! I really like the whole spread and especially how it isn't the traditional valentines colours but you can still tell what holiday it is representing. In the future I will definately place another order with Whimsical Flamingo Co. 

 What do you think? 
   Tarra xx

More pictures:

Monday, 1 February 2016

The Geeky Planner sticker set...

My favourite disney film is Tangled and I was really keen to find a sticker set for my planner. I came across Geeky Planner but she only had a small sampler of princesses and not an entire kit. So I decided I would message the owner of the shop and she was thrilled to be able to create a whole tangled kit. As soon as she has finished creating it I ordered one fro my planner. The postage was really quick and cheap which is great.  Below is my planner before any decoration…. Sorry the image is a little poor.

I found a nice purple spotted paper and put this as my backing paper. I used the bottom wash provided in the kit and used a thin gold wash to add accents. 
Next is the best bit planning out each day and adding the decorative stickers. I really love how it has turned out. I did struggle to find places for some of the stickers in the kit including the hydrate stickers.

I love how it has turned out! My favourite part is Pascal holding a little present as well as the lanterns floating across the pages. I will definitely be placing another order in the near future as the quality and process times were really quick and efficiant.

What do you think of my spread? What is your favourite disney film?

Extra pictures including close ups: