Wednesday, 30 January 2013

January Glossybox!

So my friend Mark bought me a 3 month subscription to Glossybox for christmas and this month the first box came through :)
This month the box was back to the normal pink box with black paper and pink ribbon. Every time I get a Glossybox I remember how much I love the packaging :)

The theme of the box this month is Detox, which is a nice idea as over the xmas period we all tend to indulge a little to much.

Last month we were treated to 5 samples and an extra goodie and Glossybox have decided to carry that onto this month as well so this box has 5 samples and a added goodie.

Time to have a look at what we have in this box:

Firstly I see the Monu Micro Exfolioant. This is a really nice exfoliator, I have used it twice now and it has left my skin feeling really smooth. The smell isn't that nice but one that could be expected from a skincare product.

The full size price of this product (100ml) is £14.50, which makes the sample I received £4.35 for 30ml.

Next is the BM Beauty Dewy Perfection finishing Powder, at first look I think this sample is a rubbish size the pot looks something someone has thrown out. Very disappointed with the presentation of this sample. When I actually tried this product though it is lovely. Leaves the skin looking healthy and dewy. Rather than a finishing powder I would use this product as a highlighter for the cheek.
The full size would be £8 for 4g so my sample is £2 for 1g.
After that I saw the Eco-Boutique Body Lotion in the scent Aloe leaf and Green tea, the scent isn't anything to rave home about it is pleasant kind of smells like a cheap haircare product does. The good thing about this product is the fact that is has no parabens, no sls, no paraffin oil, no silicones and no artificial colours this make the product great for detoxing your body of all the bad things we normally put on it.

The stupid thing about this sample being in the Glossybox is that you can't actually buy it separate but as part of a 6 piece gift set priced at £8.50 for 50ml, so taking that price dividing by six and then finding  the price of 30ml my sample is worth 85p pretty disappointing really.

The next product is the one I am most excited about from the whole box. The Murad HydroDynamic ultimate moisture for eyes is a eye cream said to moisturise and replenish for up to 8 hours. I tested this on my eye area for 4 days and I think that I definitely notice a change my eyes feel more awake and moisturised. To me the best thing about this product is the fact it sinks into the skin straight away. There isn't really a smell to this product which again is a good thing.

The full price of this product (15ml) is £57 pounds making my sample £13.30 for 3.5ml which is a really good sample as the brand is highly recommended and reviewed. I will be continuing to use up the rest of my sample and will do a full review at a later date.

The final sample in this months box is the Sanctuary Spa Active Reverse Thermal Transformation Mask. This mask comes in two steps a cleanser to remove any traces of make up before use and then the clay mask said to improve the appearance of wrinkles without the use of cosmetic injections. to be honest I will not use this product as I'm only 20 so don't think I need to worry about wrinkles just yet. I have a friend who is into protecting her skin so this product will be going to her. One thing I notice is it is called 30 day thermal transformation yet it is a small foil packet with about 2 days worth of product at most. I always hate when a product is going to take more than a few uses to see the effects yet only a small sample is given??
The full size of this product is (50ml step 1 and 75ml step 2) £27.50 which makes my sample £2.31 3.5ml step 1 and 7ml of step 2.

Now onto the free goodie in this months box. It is a Glossybox sleep mask. Quite a random gift but still a nice gesture. The mask is a pinky colour with black writing on it which says 'Glossy Dreams'. Very cheesy!! But like I say its an added extra that will make no difference to the total value of this months box.

Right time to give my thoughts on this box.... for me it is a shame that some of the products were not slightly larger or better thought out but there was some diamonds in there the Murad eye cream is a super product and one I will continue testing. The overall price of my Glossybox this month is £22.81 which isn't bad considering the price paid for the box but hopefully in next months box there will be a few more makeup products rather than all skincare. Bring on February! :)

If your interested in joining Glossybox visit their website!!
Tarra x

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Monday, 28 January 2013

Top 10 Animated Movies of all time...

I have decided to do this post on my favourite 10 animated films... I am in my final year of my degree (in animation) and have lost my love and spark for animation a little bit. I'm hoping looking back over my favourite films will help get my love back.

So lets get started number 10 is....
 The Incredibles.
I love the family bond in this film, each member of the family has there own place and job to do even if sometimes they may feel on the outside. I also think the animation in this film is awesome. My favourite character is Edna Mode.
Number 9 is...
My favourite part in this film is when the house first takes off. The way the light is animated is lovely and makes me really appreciate the art of animation. I love Russell's persistence in trying to get his badge for scouts.
Number 8 is...
How to train your dragon.
I went to see this film in 3d and it was one of the first ones I went to see again because the story just grabbed me and the landscape designs and animation was amazing! My favourite character is Toothless, he is so mysterious at first but turns out to be a loveable character.
Number 7 is....
This film is a take on the story of Rapunzal, I love how the characters are all different but there is still the underlying story of Rapunzal. My favourite scene is the one where all the lanterns are released into the sky to celebrate the princesses birthday. It is beautiful!!
Number 6 is...
The Lion King.
What a classic! I challenge anyone to not cry when Mufasa dies, this film combines comedy with music and to top it off a few sad scenes too. I love Timone I think he is my favourite character. The combo of Timone and Pumba is a great one and really adds to the comedy of the film.
Number 5 is...
This is my favourite Stop motion film. The skill involved in the animation of this film is epic. I have watched many documentaries on how this film was created and it is so inspiring, I would definitely like to go into stop motion after I finish my degree. I love the other mothers world.
Number 4 is...
Toy Story 2.
Where to start with toy story I think everything about this film is amazing. The first film was really good and the story really captured audiences attention but for my the addition of Jessie and Bulls eye just added to they story. My favourite part in this film is the bloopers at the end. This was the first time I had seen animated bloopers in that style before.
Number 3 is..
Finding Nemo.
An underwater adventure, with a great family story running along side comedy. Each character in this film could easily be watched all day. There is nothing about this film I don't like. My favourite character is Dory she is so funny and comes out with some great one liners.
Number 2 is...
The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
This was the first film I ever saw in the cinema and I had to leave when Frollo set fire to the city. I love the scene in Quasimodo's bedroom with the light reflecting all over with lovely colours. The meaning behind this film is one I really appreciate.
And Finally Number 1 goes to...
I love this film!!!! Every part of this film excites me. The music, the characters, the comedy and the emotion. Brilliant. Will take a lot for me to get a new favourite animated film. If you have not seen Mulan go watch it. :)
So there you go my top 10 animated films. Many other great animated films have been released but to choose just 10 was rather hard.

Give it a go see if you can decide upon your favourite 10 Animated films.
  Tarra x

Thursday, 24 January 2013

February wish list.....

Can't believe its almost the end of January already time is flying by. With the weather still pretty cold I just want to huddle under duvets and covers all day but I can't, so I have recently seen lots of products I would love to have to help me feel a bit more energetic but stay comfy aswell, so I  thought I'd share some of them with you :)
1) Nars blush in the shade Orgasm, I love this colour and think its a really natural shade of pink/peach. £21.00
2) Maybelline colour tattoo in the shade On and On Bronze, the colour of this is so wearable and will add a hint of glam to a basic everyday look.
3) Topshop Lips in the shade Whimsical, this shade reminds me of the number 54 from The Body Shop. I have been wanting to try a Topshop lipstick for ages.
4) Benefit They're Real mascara, I have heard such great reviews about this mascara and think it's about time I tried it out.
5) Republic Hoody in Navy Blue, I saw these hoodies the other day whilst I was in the store and fell in love with it instantly. The inside material was so cosy and I love hoodies with a front pocket :)

Hopefully I will be able to get a few of these products in the month of February!

What products are you eyeing up at the moment?

Tarra x

Monday, 21 January 2013

Snowy days...

Wooo it's snowed :) Shame it wasn't a white christmas but guess a white January is just as good!
With the weather so cold outside it great to play in snow for a while but then its time to go in side and warm up. I made this cute little snowman today and now I'm inside warming up.

To warm my feet up I'm wearing my slipper boots my dad got me for xmas :) They are super warm and cosy!

Time to put all the candles on and make the room 
feel much cosier. This candle is a Wax Lyrical in the 
scent Winter garden, it smells lovely and makes me 
think of lush snowy days like today :) A family 
friend bought my this candle at xmas time and I 
have burnt it about 3 times since then. I hadn't heard 
of this brand of candle before but will deffo be 
considering some of the other scents. The website is If you like candles I 
recommend a look at the website :)

The last thing I like to do to warm up is to make myself a nice warm cup of hot chocolate :) 

ahh nice and warm ready for another snowy day tomorrow!

What do you like to do on snowy days?

Tarra x

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Mini make-up haul...

This week I have got some new make up. I made an order on because there was a 50% sale section and on all full prices items 25% off so it was a great time to buy some bits and bobs. I also took advantage of the discounts in Boots getting a few products. Time for me to show you what I picked up :)
So the first things I got from E.L.F were these brushes. The quality is great they feel lovely on my skin and have very minimal bristle fall out. The foundation brush I got was separate to the rest of the set. The set was meant to be £20 and I got it for £12.50. As for the foundation brush this should have been £5.50 but was down to £3. I definitely recommend these brushes if your budget wont stretch to Mac or Sigma.

Next in the haul is E.L.F's Flawless Finish Foundation in the shade Porcelain. This foundation has a medium coverage and leaves the skin looking dewy and healthy. The added bonus of it having SPF 15 in it is great. This foundation should have been £6.75 and with the discount I received it for £5.00.
I am trying out lots of different foundations at the moment to try and find one to suit my skin perfectly.

I bought an eyelid primer because I've never tried one out before and I want to see if it makes much difference to how your eye shadows goes on. This should have been a bargain any way at £1.50 but with the sale it went down to £1.10 which is a great price just to try out a product.

And finally from E.L.F I got a nail varnish, if you read my blog you will know I'm obsessed with nail varnishes. When I saw this one was only £1 in the sale I had to get it. The colour is a little different to how it looked on the website which is a shame but its still a nice wearable colour.

Right onto stuff I got from Boots. First up is another foundation. I have heard a lot about this foundation and how good the formula is with people comparing it to Nars Sheer Glow foundation. Rimmel's wake me up foundation is already a favourite of mine and I haven't had it long. I love the feel it has on my skin and the finish is medium coverage but it is build able which is good. A added bonus is the smell, it smells lush which I'm not really used to in a foundation so was a nice surprise.
The shade I got is 100 Ivory, I think this is a good shade for my colouring but a smidge to much on      my face and I think it would leave me looking a little orange in places. This foundation should have been £8.99 but I got it for £5.99 which is a super price :)

Next is Rimmel's Scandaleyes Mascara. This is in extreme black, which I love the darker and defined my lashes are the better. It was meant to be £6.99 but I got £2 pounds off so it was £4.99. Not bad really I will maybe do a review of this mascara once I have been using it a while.

Finally its time for me to jump on the Revlon Lip Butter craze. Almost every beauty blogger/ youtuber goes on about how amazing these are and so I thought 'hmm' lets try one out and see if they are as good as people say they are. I got the shade Peach Parfait because when I swatched them all on my hand this one was my favourite. One of the main things I like about this product is the packaging I think its really different to anything I've seen before. It should have been £7.99 but I got it for £5.00. I am going to wear this for the next few days to see how I feel about them and if I like it I might go back for some more of the colours :)

So there you have it my mini make-up haul. There are so many sales right now its great because it means I can try out lots of new products!

Have you used any of these products before?

Tarra x

Monday, 7 January 2013

Whats in my bag?

Recently I have been watching a lot of What's in my bag videos on youtube and I have decided that I'm going to do a what's is my bag blog post. :)

So first of all .... my bag, if you follow my posts you will see that its the bag I received for christmas from my 'auntie'. It is the brand L.Y.D.C London and is purple and grey. Its Lush!! :)
Once the flap of the satchel is unlocked there are two sections one small and the other large.
First of all lets check out whats in the front pocket... There is my purse which is from Primark and then my flat keys, which are super boring at the moment because my keychain broke :/
Time to check out the main section of the bag.. I really like the size of this section its big enough to fit A4 sketchbooks.
So in this section there is my iPhone 5, headphones, everyday makeup bag from eco tools, an A4 sketchbook for university and my Mac. The cover for my Mac is from Ebay and was £6.00.
The contents of my bag changes depending where and what I'm doing but recently I have been doing lots of university work so all these things are currently in there.

Tarra x

Nail Polish Collection...

For christmas I received quite a few nail polishes so I've decided to do a post on my collection. I have collected these over about 3 years. I didn't used to have nails because I bit them but have recently started letting them grow which make painting them so much more fun :)

The first brand Im going to show you is Barry M because this is the brand I have the most of. The colours are always so opaque and you only need one coat.
Top row: Left to Right- Bright Red, Spring Green, Chameleon Lilac, Web Effect Orange, Pure Turquoise, Fuchsia, Chameleon Blue, Cyan Blue. Bottom row: Left to Right- Gelly Watermelon, Bright Purple, Pink Iridescent, Gold Mine, Racing Green, Block Orange, Burgundy Croc, Blue Glitter, Matt White.

Now on to Rimmel, I like this brand because of the fast drying time, sometime though you do need a few coats to get a block colour.
 Left to Right- Ruby Crush, Block your Green, Diamond Dust, Orange your Life, Disco Ball, Double Decker Red.

I recently started buying from E.L.F and their polishes are dead cheap but great quality. I loves them :)
Left to Right- Mod Mauve, Innocent, Lilac, Golden Goddess, Blush, Twinkle, Nude, Cranberry.

Next onto Maybelline my friend Catherine bought me 3 of these polishes for christmas and I loved the quality so much that I've since been back and bought 3 more. 
Left to Right- Metal me Teal, Flash Cosmic, Lilac charm, Turquoise Green, Devine Wine, Green Miracle.

Over the past few months I started getting GlossyBox and in each box I have received a nail polish. In this picture is also the MeMeMe polish Tanya got me for christmas and a Max Factor one :)
Left to Right- Black Platinum, Caviar Topcoat, Fantasy Fire, Dignified.

Finally I have my Mini No 17 set I have these for a few years and I really like some of the colours. The finish on these is great, nice and glossy.
Left to Right- Moonstruck, Poncho Pink, Peacock, Miami, Mink, Risky Red, Nightshade, Sphinx, Royal indigo.

So there you have it my entire nail polish collection I have 51 polishes in total and I'm sure this number will grow over the years. What can I say I love nail polishes :)

Whats your favourite brand of nail polish?

Tarra x

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

New Year Sale Bargains

At this time of year there are some great deals out there on clothes and accessories. I went into town yesterday and whilst looking at lots of lovely things I wanted I decided on two items I just couldn't live without :)

The first is an item I have lacked all winter and been awfully cold without it. Yep its a scarf.

I found this in the Primark sale it should of been £4 but I got it for £3 not much of a saving but still every penny counts.

Its so soft and cosy the colour is a sort of light slate grey. The thing that drew me to this scarf over all the others was the texture of the knit. Its not all one thickness it is a range of sizes which I think looks really wintery and makes it a little bit different from every other grey scarf.
 It has tassels at the bottom which just tops off the whole look of the scarf.

The next item is one for the coming seasons or if we have a freakishly warm day in the next couple of months this top will be perfect.
It is from Republic and the thing that drew me to it is the pattern on the material. The little boats are just so cute.

This top is great for the summer and will look great with a pair of denim shorts. 
This top should have been £20 pounds but in the sale it was £7. BARGAIN!!   

The detailing on the back of this top is pretty lush to. It has a racer back but instead of just being the material it has a rope effect which I think goes so well with the nautical print.

So to me this top is a good buy and I look forward to wearing it in the warmer months :)

Another thing I'm going to mention is the bag design from republic instead of the normally boring yellow they had come out with this Tiffany Blue bag with a headphone design on it. I loves it!!

Have u been shopping in the sales?

Tarra x

Happy New Year!!

Goodbye 2012... Hello 2013 :)

2012 was a great year and I feel I have achieved lots of the things I wanted to. I passed my second year of university, held a stingray, travelled the world a little bit and re connected with some lost friends. 
There's so much in 2013 I want to achieve.... Finish my degree.. go to New York with Tanya.. and as I will be leaving University get my own flat/house and car. On the job front I really want to move onto something in the travel industry especially a Cabin crew member ( I have applied for a job as one recently) 
Time for new resolutions, I always struggle to keep to the resolutions I choose so this year I have decided on 3 which I think I can achieve.
Keep up to blog.
I have only been writing my blog since november but I'm really enjoying it. It feels like a place I can use as an extension of me and my personality. Hope fully in 2013 I will start doing more make up tutorials, I also got a new camera for xmas and if I can get confident enough I'm wanting to start a youtube channel. Time will tell one that one.

Final Project at university.
As I'm in my final year at university its getting close to the time that the only project I will have to work on is my FMP. ( Final Major Project) I often struggle with getting myself motivated and get distracted so easily. I really want to do well in my degree and so I gonna try my hardest through the last couple of months.

The Gym.
This is such a generic resolution but this year I really want to get back into the routine of going to the gym a few of times a week. Recently I applied for a job in which I would need to take a full medical. As I am at the moment I'm not at my fittest and so I need to do some more exercise! I think I will be able to stick to this now that getting a job might depend on it.

    What are you resolutions?? 
Tarra x