Wednesday, 21 January 2015

New Hair..

So I decided that with the new year it was time for new hair, I have had my ombre since February last year and I have had enough of it. Also my hair had gotten to a really long unmanageable length so i thought why not get it cut!

Here is a before and after as you can see my hair is much shorter now and I have dyed it a sort of golden mousey brown, this however is not the colour I wanted and will be re dying in the near future!

I do feel my hair is much healthier after cutting and it also feels much lighter. And the best part is it takes so much less time to do in the morning :)

My boyfriend bought me the Naked 2 palette for xmas and I thought I would give it a go see what I could achieve.

Here is a picture of all the different shades in the palette and the 3 I decided to use today.

I love the fact that all the shades are quite neutral so could be  worn everyday like I am today.

The 3 shades I chose to use are Half Baked which is a lovely gold colour, YDK which is a dark rose gold shade and Pistol which is a sort of grey gold. I put the Half Baked all over the lid with the other two shades worked into the crease.

I also re discovered 3 other make up items that I used to day, they have been in my collection for ages and I somehow just forgot about them.

The first one was the BB cream by The Body Shop I used to love this stuff and it gives a really light build able coverage. The actual product is white but it contains tiny beads of pigment that blend to your skin tone.

Next is the Maybelline Colossal Mascara I really like the wand on this mascara it is big and chunks so catches all your lashes.

Finally is a Rimmel lipstick I love everything about this lipstick. The colour is lovely and also the formula is really creamy and moisturising.

So below are a few more images of my new hair and the make up I am wearing today :)

Tarra x