Monday, 28 January 2013

Top 10 Animated Movies of all time...

I have decided to do this post on my favourite 10 animated films... I am in my final year of my degree (in animation) and have lost my love and spark for animation a little bit. I'm hoping looking back over my favourite films will help get my love back.

So lets get started number 10 is....
 The Incredibles.
I love the family bond in this film, each member of the family has there own place and job to do even if sometimes they may feel on the outside. I also think the animation in this film is awesome. My favourite character is Edna Mode.
Number 9 is...
My favourite part in this film is when the house first takes off. The way the light is animated is lovely and makes me really appreciate the art of animation. I love Russell's persistence in trying to get his badge for scouts.
Number 8 is...
How to train your dragon.
I went to see this film in 3d and it was one of the first ones I went to see again because the story just grabbed me and the landscape designs and animation was amazing! My favourite character is Toothless, he is so mysterious at first but turns out to be a loveable character.
Number 7 is....
This film is a take on the story of Rapunzal, I love how the characters are all different but there is still the underlying story of Rapunzal. My favourite scene is the one where all the lanterns are released into the sky to celebrate the princesses birthday. It is beautiful!!
Number 6 is...
The Lion King.
What a classic! I challenge anyone to not cry when Mufasa dies, this film combines comedy with music and to top it off a few sad scenes too. I love Timone I think he is my favourite character. The combo of Timone and Pumba is a great one and really adds to the comedy of the film.
Number 5 is...
This is my favourite Stop motion film. The skill involved in the animation of this film is epic. I have watched many documentaries on how this film was created and it is so inspiring, I would definitely like to go into stop motion after I finish my degree. I love the other mothers world.
Number 4 is...
Toy Story 2.
Where to start with toy story I think everything about this film is amazing. The first film was really good and the story really captured audiences attention but for my the addition of Jessie and Bulls eye just added to they story. My favourite part in this film is the bloopers at the end. This was the first time I had seen animated bloopers in that style before.
Number 3 is..
Finding Nemo.
An underwater adventure, with a great family story running along side comedy. Each character in this film could easily be watched all day. There is nothing about this film I don't like. My favourite character is Dory she is so funny and comes out with some great one liners.
Number 2 is...
The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
This was the first film I ever saw in the cinema and I had to leave when Frollo set fire to the city. I love the scene in Quasimodo's bedroom with the light reflecting all over with lovely colours. The meaning behind this film is one I really appreciate.
And Finally Number 1 goes to...
I love this film!!!! Every part of this film excites me. The music, the characters, the comedy and the emotion. Brilliant. Will take a lot for me to get a new favourite animated film. If you have not seen Mulan go watch it. :)
So there you go my top 10 animated films. Many other great animated films have been released but to choose just 10 was rather hard.

Give it a go see if you can decide upon your favourite 10 Animated films.
  Tarra x

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