Saturday, 18 April 2015

Jodie's 21st birthday party.

So it was my friends 21st birthday party yesterday and me and many of our friends went to her party. She had hired out a social club and arranged a dj and nibbles. This post is really just to show what I wore and how I did my make up :)

On the left picture I have no make up on I have just got out of the shower and my hair was still wet!
On the right picture I have now done all my make up and my hair :)
I find it amazing how a little bit of make up can transform our faces!

For make up I kept it really simple. I used a BB cream on my skin just to give an added warmth.
On my eyes I used a shimmery silver shadow and black gel liner and mascara that was it!
Finally on my lips I went for a shade that co-ordinated with my dress.

My dress is from, I love it I think it flatters my figure and hangs just right over the area I just hate!

I like this dress so much that I have it in black too.

I would normally go for a gold make up look with this colour outfit but because I had already done my nails using a fabulous silver glitter I went for silver instead I think the two really compliment each other :)

So there you have it my finished look all ready for the party.

I drank way to much wine and sang my heart out to so many songs..not too mention all the dancing (oh the dance moves) but I had a great evening! I hope Jodie did too as well as everyone else who came to celebrate her birthday :)

Tarra x

As usual here are some extra pictures :)

Monday, 6 April 2015

Slimming world journey so far….

Hello lovely people,
  Sorry for the absence again!! I have been so wrapped up in real life recently I haven't had time to dedicate to my blog. But things are a little less hectic now….well thats a lie as the summer season at work has just begun so I am going to be so busy but I am more organised so hopefully I should be posting regularly!

 The aim of this post is to tell you about my Slimming world journey so far!

Since meeting my boyfriend last year he  has treated me like a princess and took me out, bought me sweet treats and we just generally got comfortable with each other, which on one hand is bloody lovely but on the other, the scales were beginning to really hate me!
After a trip to the Drs I was made aware of slimming world and how because my BMI was high I could get a free trial, so not wanting to be fat any more and realising I needed to change I took the opportunity.

Since joining I have really changed my diet and outlook on eating and drinking :)
The group I go to is great, everyone is really supportive, we talk about any struggles within the week and recieve tips and help from other members which is really good as everyone just bounces ideas off each other :)

So like I said I had got to my heaviest and just wasn't happy with the way I looked.

I have been going to group for 10 weeks now and I must say I love it! In those weeks I have had ups and downs, cries of happiness and sadness! But I can now say I am 1 stone 1 pound lighter and well on my way to getting to the weight I want to be!

Since beginning Slimming world I have also learnt to cook so many more meals that before, I could cook the basics but now I am making really good healthy food that all of my family can enjoy.

I got myself a new recipe book from paper chase and have been filling it with lovely meals!

Below I want to share with you some images of my favourite meals I have been making for me, my boyfriend and his kids. His eldest Liam has even been enjoying helping me in the kitchen which is great to see.

So first up is Spaghetti Bolognese, I feel I am getting really good at making this dish. I love it using mince or even steak :)

Next is Chicken Chow mein, I love adding different vegetables each time to create a different taste each time :)

This one doesn't need much explaining!! PIZZA!! :D

Finally is my kind of made up Chicken and Chickpea curry, after a few different versions the one pictured is deffo the best, the taste is lovely!

So there you have it my slimming world journey so far, I hope to achieve so much more as I feel I have got the buzz for losing weight and also for cooking!

Tarra x

SW 14 stone 13 pounds
CW 13 stone 12 pounds
TW 10 stone 4 pounds

3 stone 8 pounds to go!!