Friday, 14 November 2014

Autumn make up :)

I have seen quite a few people rocking the dark lip recently and I thought I would give it a go.

So started off applying the rimmel wake me up foundation to try even out any blemishes or imperfections on my skin. I have just been away so my skin is covered in freckles which are impossible to cover up.

Next I have chosen to use a range of neutral brown and gold toned eyeshadows. I used my MAC palette for this. First up I place All That Glitters all over my lid and under my lower lash line. Then I added Wood-Winked into the crease of my eyelid. Finally I used Satin Taupe in the outer corner of my eye to add depth and shade.

I love this palette the pigment of MAC eyeshadows are amazing, you can also use the shadows wet which creates and even more intense colour.

Once my eye shadow was done I applied eyeliner to my top water line and half way along my bottom lash line. Only placing eye liner half way across gives the illusion of larger eyes.

So the eyes are now finished and its time to apply the lipstick which is the part that really makes this look a autumn look.

I have chosen to use the YSL Rouge Volupte in number 22 it is a lovely dark berry colour.

I really like this lipstick as it is moisturising and soft on the lips as well as having great pigmentation.

Below are all the products I used to create this look :)

 I really hope you liked this post and agree it is a lovely autumn make up look.

Tarra x

Here are a few extra pictures of the look:

Monday, 10 November 2014

Holiday to Rhodes

I have just got back from a fantastic 2 weeks in Pefkos in Rhodes the weather was amazing apart from 2 days where we had a few showers. I went with my boyfriend, Phil, it was lovely to get away from work for a while and just spend time the two of us.
  Here are some pictures of the trip :) 

                       Tarra x

Thursday, 6 November 2014

New York, New York!!

Can't believe my last post was in January. This year seems to have flown by! I went to New York in February with my dad, we had a great time. It's true what they say about New York you really do fall in love with the city! Here are some pictures from our trip: 

We stayed in the Wellington Hotel which was right on Times Square.

       Breakfast was huge no matter what you ordered it was massive, but of course very delicious!
We bought tickets to be able to go to the top of the Empire State building as well as the Rockefeller centre, the views were amazing I think you will agree.

I had such an amazing time and would love to one day visit New York again.

Tarra x

Monday, 27 October 2014

New job, New town, New opportunities!

Shortly after returning from New York I got a letter thorough the post... It was an offer of interview from Beamish Museum in County Durham! I had been to the museum a few times whilst at university but never considered it as a place of work.

 A few days after my interview I recieved a phone call offering me a seasonal job only a 0-37 hours contract... This was scary because some weeks you could get no hours but I was getting so fed up with the way thing were I needed a change. 

So jumped the gun and took the job within a week I had moved from Yorkshire to a town called Crook in County Durham. This could have been really daunting but my friend Jenna helped me settle in and was there when I needed a friend :) 

Now everything has changed I have recieved a winter contract within the museum. I have also met and moved in with my wonderful boyfriend! I now live in the museum and have made many new friends! 

I'm now looking into going back to college to study media make up whilst continuing my work at Beamish! 

I'm so glad I took the chance and dared to jump in with all I have! 

         Tarra x

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Elsa from Frozen make up look :)

I recently saw the new disney film 'Frozen'. When I saw the trailer I didn't think I would like it but my opinion has changed slightly :) my favourite character is Elsa, especially when she lets go and accept her iciness :P
So I have decided to do a make up look of the scene where she is singing 'Let it go'. Her make up changes here and becomes much brighter.

Here are the products I am going to use :) I also have some Eylure False Lashes in the style Naturalises.

I found a tutorial on youtube to try and replicate Elsa's hair style, I had to backcomb it a lot ( I can't wait to try brush it out! NOT :P)

I think the hairstyle really suits my ombre hair and I will recreate this maybe for nights out.

Hair done now onto the make up….

Below I am going to but some pictures of Elsa as a sort of Mood board, basically so I can get keep looking at them to get the colours right :

So this is me with no make up just moisturiser and primer. I used the Simple Rejuvenation moisturiser as I have sensitive skin and this is the best one I have found for my skin type.

First I have applied the Rimmel wake me up foundation to even out my skintone tone, I really like this foundation I wish it came in more shades because sometimes this one can be too dark for me.

Now I have applied concealer to any areas the foundation didn't quite cover. The concealer I used is the Collection 2000 long lasting concealer it is really good and super cheap under £5 I think.

There we go base done :)

Next up is the eyeshadow Elsa has a mixture of bright pink and purple across her eyelids.

I started off with the pink colour blending it all over the eyelid this has created my base I can now blend more around the edges of the shadow to create a blurred effect. Next I have added the purple all over my eyelid making sure I didn't go right to the edge of the pink so it shows through.

I have applied black eyeliner to my top and bottom waterlines, as well as on my top lash line, this defines my eyes and is the base for the false lashes.

False lashes are on! You can see straight away what a difference they have made. Because Elsa's lash appear fuller towards the outer corners of her eyes I have placed the false lashes slightly off centre to make it look like mine are fuller too.

Now the eyes are finished I can move onto blush and lipstick.

I have use a Elf blush in the shade Innocent and my lipstick is a Maybelline Super Stay 14 hour lipstick in  Stay with me Coral.

To make the colour closer to Elsa's lip colour I used a small amount of the pink eye shadow.

I have really enjoyed doing this look :) I wish I had some cute snowflakes I could put in my hair!! That would be awesome :P

             Im going to put a few more images I have taken of the look including closeups of eyes below :)

Tarra x