Thursday, 17 November 2016

Christmas Crafts Part 1

I know its super early to be starting with Christmas activities but we just couldn't wait. After a trip to Hobby Craft and £36 pounds later we arrived back home with a whole list full of fun crafts we could do.
The first one we did was lollypop stick xmas tree decorations which will be able to be hung on the tree once we attach a loop to the top.  We used one large lollystick as the trunk and the broke sections of the thinner lolly sticks to make the branches. Once we had the required sizes we painted them all green and allowed them to dry. Once dry we placed them on the trunk and added as many baubles (sequins) as we wanted.

Above are Max (3) and Liam's (8) creations, the both put lots of time and effort into creating them and I think they are really effective. We enjoyed watching them create theirs so much that Phil and I also had a go at decorating some too. This is a really simple idea which is achievable for all ages and would be a lovely addition to the Christmas decorations.

Next up the boys chose to create hand print Santa and Rudolph's these required a little more involvement from me to make sure the paint was applied thick enough and pressed firm enough on the paper, but after this help they were free to decorate and create their Christmas characters.

For Rudolph we used two hand prints one facing up and one down making sure they overlapped slightly.
A googly eye and red fluffy nose later and Rudolph was starting to come to life. Liam chose to add a red stripy scarf complete with pom poms to his Rudolph and wrote his name in glitter glue.

I love how his Rudolph has turned out I think its really nice how much attention to detail he had.
Liam also created the Santa above although this time you can tell he was wanting to do it a lot more independently as the handprint is a little smudged, however I still think it looks great!

Because Max's hands are much smaller than Liam's we were able to fit both his hand print characters on one page. I was very surprised Max had waited to join in with this activity as he does not normally like the idea of hand painting or face painting.
We did the same for Max's Rudolph but instead of a red scarf he wanted to use pom poms. My favourite part of Max's picture is the faces, he came up with a little story as to why Rudolph wasn't happy so he has a sad face and Phil and I had a good laugh at his drunk looking Santa.

I asked Max for a nice photo of him with his picture and instead we ended up playing hide and seek behind his picture. I did eventually get a nice one of him though. Liam didn't want to have his picture taken, the call of 'Inside Out' being on the telly was too strong.

And once again because he saw how much fun the boys were having Phil wanted to give it ago, he created a Santa complete with fluffy beard and nights sky.

I love the facial expression Phil has draw on Santa do but The beard is most definitely my favourite part.
I have really enjoyed spending time with the boys and Phil creating some lovely art which I hope they have enjoyed doing as much as I have enjoyed watching them :)

We have lots more Christmas Crafts planned so keep an eye out for those coming soon. Let me know if you recreate any of our crafts and also if you have any other ideas we could have a go at.


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