Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Plannable designs sticker set….

I ordered a Snow White kit from the Etsy shop Plannable designs. But it was only one sheet. No headers, no full boxes, no washi, no weekend banner. But the most beautiful decor stickers. Because the set was small I had to pull stickers from other places as well as adding in some drawn detail. Here is my blank planner for this week.
I decided to use a pale blue card as my back drop and marked the different days using a red starry washi. I also used this as my bottom washi to bring the whole page together.
As me and Phil had taken the kids back to visit my family I didn't have as much going on this week which I think worked well with this spread. Once I had planned all the different bits I would be doing during the week I added the decorative stickers. It is just so cute and the stickers are amazing quality, they are matte but printed on a much thicker paper than other stickers I have used.
I really do like how it turned out and I think because I've not had many stickers the attention of the page is really on the decor stickers I do have and the theme of the spread. The only part I'm not to keen on is the drawn quote and mirror. The idea was there but my execution was not I think it lets the spread down but you live and you learn.

As well as my stickers I ordered she also sent me a sampler of a few of her other stickers including a planner sticker and a snail mail sticker which I think is very kind of Plannable Designs. I would re- purchase however I am slightly reluctant as the cost of these stickers was a little higher than some of the others I have used. Still worth trying out though and the quality was top notch.

What do you think? Do you like the spread with less stickers?

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