Saturday, 9 March 2013

March Glossybox!....

March already can't believe it! This month the packaging has gone back to the normal pink box, black tissue and pink ribbon. :)
The theme for the box this month is City Chic, I love this theme as travelling is a passion of mine.
So above you can see all the products that came in my box this month, each item is from a different city around the world.
First up is the Nails Inc polish, the colour I have been sent is St James which is a bright red. ( It could be called a pillar box red ; P)  

I applied one coat of the polish to my nails and that has covered my nails beautifully. The colour is very vibrant and with a top coat over the top leaves nails looking lush.

The full size polish is £11 and that is for 10ml. My sample is 4ml which makes it worth £4.40. I really like getting nail polish samples as it lets you try before you buy which is great :)

The next product I received this month is the Tresemmé Salon finish extra hold hairspray. I have used this product before and from my experience it is a good hairspray it has a medium hold on the hair and can be brushed out easily. The smell is pleasant which I really like in a hairspray as I don't like the alcohol smell. The packaging is sleek black with accents of hot pink.
I don't think I would class this product as high end but as I know it is a good hairspray we will let Glossybox off :) 
The full size of this product is 500ml for £4.69 so it is really affordable which is great as I go through a lot of hairspray. My sample is worth 93p and is 100ml.

When I saw this next product I was super excited as I have heard it raved about for months. It is the Elizabeth Arden Eight hour cream and the one I have is Fragrance Free. This product has been around since 1930 and has been loved by many for years.
The texture of this cream is more like a balm it feels quite waxy. But as soon as it goes on the skin it sinks in and moisturises the chosen area.  I have a few dry patched on my face and over the next week or so I will be applying the cream to these areas to see if the clear up :)

On the leaflet about the products it says that the eight hour cream can be used on the face, lips, hands and cuticles which makes this product super multi purpose!

For 50ml of this product it is £25 which would make my sample worth £3.50 for 7ml.

Surprise Surprise another perfume sample, I love trying new perfumes but when you get such a small sample its a little disappointing that said the perfume I have received this month is the Juicy Couture La La. The smell of the perfume is nice enough but I don't think I will be rushing out to buy it.

It is quite an expensive perfume 100ml is £63 which makes my sample of 1.5 ml worth 95p.

The final product in my box this month is by the brand Jelly Pong Pong and is a lip blush. (stain) There isn't a name for the colour I was sent but it is a pinky berry colour. I have never heard of this brand before but after trying this product I might look into their other products.  

It feels quite moisturising on my lips which is nice and it has stained my lips rather well.

This is a full size product and is worth £12.

As an extra to the theme this month we were give an little book which containing information about different cities around the world. I really like this and can tick off the cities I have already been to :) In the centre of the book there are some sticker with different saying about travelling on them!
So to conclude I really like the theme for the box this month and most of the product in it. 
The total for worth for this months box is £21.78, which again is above the £10 I pay for the box!

Did you get a Glossybox this month? 
What did you think of what you got?

Tarra x


  1. Agree with all of this Jess :D the lip stain I got is actually a different colour so I'll put some piccies up for you. Having already used 8 hour before I can tell you it is AMAZING!! Put it on everything - I use it on my lips! :D Jenny xxxx

  2. :) aw cool look forward to seeing what colour yours is! im really looking forward to using the eight hour cream. Not to sure of the texture though. Jess xxx