Wednesday, 30 January 2013

January Glossybox!

So my friend Mark bought me a 3 month subscription to Glossybox for christmas and this month the first box came through :)
This month the box was back to the normal pink box with black paper and pink ribbon. Every time I get a Glossybox I remember how much I love the packaging :)

The theme of the box this month is Detox, which is a nice idea as over the xmas period we all tend to indulge a little to much.

Last month we were treated to 5 samples and an extra goodie and Glossybox have decided to carry that onto this month as well so this box has 5 samples and a added goodie.

Time to have a look at what we have in this box:

Firstly I see the Monu Micro Exfolioant. This is a really nice exfoliator, I have used it twice now and it has left my skin feeling really smooth. The smell isn't that nice but one that could be expected from a skincare product.

The full size price of this product (100ml) is £14.50, which makes the sample I received £4.35 for 30ml.

Next is the BM Beauty Dewy Perfection finishing Powder, at first look I think this sample is a rubbish size the pot looks something someone has thrown out. Very disappointed with the presentation of this sample. When I actually tried this product though it is lovely. Leaves the skin looking healthy and dewy. Rather than a finishing powder I would use this product as a highlighter for the cheek.
The full size would be £8 for 4g so my sample is £2 for 1g.
After that I saw the Eco-Boutique Body Lotion in the scent Aloe leaf and Green tea, the scent isn't anything to rave home about it is pleasant kind of smells like a cheap haircare product does. The good thing about this product is the fact that is has no parabens, no sls, no paraffin oil, no silicones and no artificial colours this make the product great for detoxing your body of all the bad things we normally put on it.

The stupid thing about this sample being in the Glossybox is that you can't actually buy it separate but as part of a 6 piece gift set priced at £8.50 for 50ml, so taking that price dividing by six and then finding  the price of 30ml my sample is worth 85p pretty disappointing really.

The next product is the one I am most excited about from the whole box. The Murad HydroDynamic ultimate moisture for eyes is a eye cream said to moisturise and replenish for up to 8 hours. I tested this on my eye area for 4 days and I think that I definitely notice a change my eyes feel more awake and moisturised. To me the best thing about this product is the fact it sinks into the skin straight away. There isn't really a smell to this product which again is a good thing.

The full price of this product (15ml) is £57 pounds making my sample £13.30 for 3.5ml which is a really good sample as the brand is highly recommended and reviewed. I will be continuing to use up the rest of my sample and will do a full review at a later date.

The final sample in this months box is the Sanctuary Spa Active Reverse Thermal Transformation Mask. This mask comes in two steps a cleanser to remove any traces of make up before use and then the clay mask said to improve the appearance of wrinkles without the use of cosmetic injections. to be honest I will not use this product as I'm only 20 so don't think I need to worry about wrinkles just yet. I have a friend who is into protecting her skin so this product will be going to her. One thing I notice is it is called 30 day thermal transformation yet it is a small foil packet with about 2 days worth of product at most. I always hate when a product is going to take more than a few uses to see the effects yet only a small sample is given??
The full size of this product is (50ml step 1 and 75ml step 2) £27.50 which makes my sample £2.31 3.5ml step 1 and 7ml of step 2.

Now onto the free goodie in this months box. It is a Glossybox sleep mask. Quite a random gift but still a nice gesture. The mask is a pinky colour with black writing on it which says 'Glossy Dreams'. Very cheesy!! But like I say its an added extra that will make no difference to the total value of this months box.

Right time to give my thoughts on this box.... for me it is a shame that some of the products were not slightly larger or better thought out but there was some diamonds in there the Murad eye cream is a super product and one I will continue testing. The overall price of my Glossybox this month is £22.81 which isn't bad considering the price paid for the box but hopefully in next months box there will be a few more makeup products rather than all skincare. Bring on February! :)

If your interested in joining Glossybox visit their website!!
Tarra x

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  1. Hello! Nice review, I reviewed the Jan box on my blog, always interesting to read other people's opinions. I'm following you!

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    Helen X

  2. Good review, have you got the latest glossy box ? also make sure you do the surveys as glossy dots get you a free box !

  3. nope I missed the delivery of my feb box. Will collect tomorrow and review soon after :) at the moment the boxes im getting are a gift so will need to transfer them over to my account to get the free box. x

  4. I love Glossybox. Great review! I'm a new follower. Hope you follow back.